3 Reasons You Should Switch to LEDs for Your Car Dealership

If you run a car dealership and you're currently using halogen, CFL, or incandescent bulbs, you may not be aware of the detrimental effects they could be having on your business. Traditional bulbs can cause all sorts of problems behind the scenes, reducing sales and losing you profit. More and more dealership managers are switching to LED lights in their showrooms to combat this. If you're wondering why you should make the switch, take a look at these 3 LED benefits.

They Produce Less Heat

Most businesspeople try to make their stores as comfortable as possible for their customers, but comfort is even more important at a car dealership given how long some buyers spend there. Buying a car is rarely an impulse purchase, and some customers spend hours at a time browsing models and talking to salespeople. During that time, the last thing you want is for your potential buyers to overheat and leave the dealership. You may use air conditioning to keep the place cool, but too many fans can have the opposite effect and make your premises uncomfortably cold. One great way to keep customers comfortable for the whole duration of their purchase is to switch to LED lights. LED lights run cooler than traditional CFL and incandescent bulbs; by using them, you eliminate the problem of hot lighting beaming down on a customer's skin. LEDs will also reduce your air conditioning needs, reducing the risk of customers becoming too cold. As an added bonus, your staff will feel the benefits of a more temperature-controlled atmosphere too, boosting their morale and productivity during work hours.

They Show Off Cars Better

While salespeople are, of course, responsible for the majority of the sales process, the car itself unsurprisingly has a big part to play in convincing buyers to make a purchase. As a dealership manager, you've probably noticed that for most buyers -- men and women alike -- form is just as important as function. You can list all the great features of a vehicle, but if it looks bad you're going to have a hard time selling this. One great way to make sure you're showing off your cars to their full potential is to use LED lighting in your showroom. White LED bulbs provide more natural light than their competitors, highlighting your cars in all the right places. Given their lower temperature, you can also place more of them to eliminate shadowy spots without heating up the atmosphere. LED bulbs are the best way to back-up sales claims like "ice white paint-job" and "brilliant chrome finish", giving buyers the final push they need.

They're More Efficient

LED bulbs may require a bigger initial expense than traditional lighting, but they make up for it in their efficiency. They require less wattage than any other lighting option for car dealerships, meaning they use less electricity day-to-day. This energy efficiency makes them cheaper to run, and has the added benefit of being more environmentally friendly -- a great selling point for your business. On top of their efficiency, LED bulbs also have greater longevity than other lights. Even though they're more expensive, you'll save money by not having to replace them so frequently. All these savings will boost your dealership profits, giving you more money to grow the business.