Common Auto Electrical Problems For Sport Utility Vehicles

Automobile electrical systems are constantly evolving with new features being incorporated into the systems for an enhanced vehicle performance, greater convenience, and client satisfaction. Common SUV vehicle models found on modern day roads include the BMW, Ford, and even the Land Cruiser.  SUV owners need to be aware of some common problems associated with their vehicle models and how to go about dealing with these problems. This article explores a few of these problems associated with modern day sport utility vehicles.

Faulty Ignition Lock Cylinders

By design, a large number of recent sport utility vehicles feature a one-way clutch that facilitates faster spinning of the engine upon engagement. The engine spins at a faster rate than the vehicle's starter, thus allowing for a smooth and quiet ignition as well as incident-free gear engagement.

The latest SUV models feature electric starter motors as part of the automobile's ignition system. Under normal circumstances, the starter motor should not remain engaged after the ignition key is released from the lock cylinder and the engine is running. The ignition lock cylinder is the vehicle component that accepts the key during ignition.

A faulty ignition lock cylinder will fail to disengage the starter motor when mechanical parts of the ignition switch fail to return to the run position. This makes the one-way clutch allow for continued spinning of the starter with the engine. If not corrected, this problem can damage the starter permanently and drain the battery.

The only way to salvage the situation in such a case is to replace the electrical switch and steering lock unit as well as the ignition lock cylinder.

Headlights That Won't Go Off

SUVs feature a central locking system which is almost synonymous with discharged batteries as a result of dome lights that remain on sporadically. This is an indication of a faulty door lock striker plate within which the light contact switch is built. In a large number of cases water or dirt will have leaked into the switch resulting in bridged contacts, hence the lights remain on even when the car is stationary.

In such a case, owners of sport utility vehicles should have their vehicle striker plates inspected as they most probably need to be replaced with new ones.

SUV owners should remember that early detection of auto electrical problems is essential for prevention of further damage to the vehicle. If you're having electric issues with your car, don't hesitate to reach out to a local professional in auto electric repairs.