6 Reasons To Think About Rewiring Your Home’s Electrical System

Every home has a wiring system installed within the building's structure. This system forms the infrastructure responsible for delivering power throughout the house. The wiring system delivers power from the main fuse box to the power points, lights, and to other electrical installations. From time to time, having this system rewired (installed anew) becomes necessary due to a number of reasons. Read on to see what they are.

There are numerous reasons to rewire your home. These include the following:


Over time, your property's wiring will start to experience wear and tear. One common form of tear is cabling conduits rotting and leaving live wires exposed. If your home's electrical infrastructure has not been rewired in many years, your systems may already be dilapidating.


Pests are another common reason for electrical rewiring. If your home is infested, rodents can eat your wiring system and cause problems such as intermittent power and failed connections. However, note that the only way to ascertain this for sure is to have an electrician carry out a wiring inspection. 

Remodeling activities

If you're planning to change the set up of your house, a rewiring service may be needed as well. This will ensure that the wiring system is able to provide power to every inch of your house, especially to any new rooms created during the exercise, such as extensions, patios or verandas.

Frequent repairs

Persistent wiring repairs could be a sign that you need a rewiring service done. Common wiring problems include short circuiting and electrocution. A rewiring process can help you avoid these for good, making your home safer and saving you numerous electrical bills.

Telephone and data wiring

If installing or upgrading the telephone and data system in your house, then that's a good time to carry out a full rewiring service. Telephone and data wiring installation is pretty much similar to electrical wiring. By merging the two, you can keep all your wired systems organized while updating your old electrical wiring at the same time.

Property pre-sale preparation

 A rewiring service is also a good selling point for a property. Although it's not as fashionable as getting a new roof, a new electrical wiring is still a valid upgrade that adds value to the property; a selling point that can help you meet your target selling price.

If you know your home would benefit from a rewiring service, talk to an electrical contractor. They will inspect your current system and offer you professional advice on how to proceed, including timelines and costs.