3 Ways of Minimising Belt-related Accidents When Using Conveyors In Your Mining Site

In a mining site, you need conveyors to help you speed up work. Conveyors comprise a system of belts, pulleys and cabins (in some cases) for transporting materials, equipment and workers within the mining site. One of the most important components of the conveyor is the belt. It facilitates the motion of the conveyor system. For a mining site, you should go for a general-purpose belt. General-purpose belts are made using materials like leather, polyvinyl chloride, urethane or rubber. They are suitable for bulk handling, high friction and high-temperature applications, which are some of the conditions likely encountered in a mining site. Besides a quality belt, you need other safety devices when installing conveyors on your site to reduce the possibility of accidents. Here they are:

Rotation Detector

The rotation detector is a key safety device when using conveyors. It stops the belt from rotating whenever its speed falls below a certain minimum level. In most cases, a significant reduction in the speed of the conveyor indicates underlying mechanical disturbances in the system. If the loaded belt does not stop under possible mechanical disturbances, it could lead to more damage and expensive repairs. If the belt is set to move in one direction, you can opt for a reverse rotation detector. In case of any complications forcing the belt to move in the opposite direction, the reverse motion detector stops such movement to avoid accidents.

Belt Tearing Detector

Moving against surfaces with heavy loads subjects the belt to a lot of friction. With time, the belt weakens and wears down, elevating the risk of snapping and leading to an accident. This is why you should have a belt tear detector to stop the motion of the belt in case of any tear. The belt tear detector has a sensor to detect any damage on the belt and a transducer to break the motion of the belt. It will also come in handy if something pierces or cuts the belt at any point.

Pull Cord Switch

A pull cord switch is used to stop the belt instantly in case of an emergency or accident. For instance, if falling objects find their way onto the conveyor belt, they can lead to overloading and eventual damage to the conveyor belt. In such a case, the operator stops the belt from moving by pulling a string or chain to activate the switch. The string or chain used to activate the pull cord switch can be installed along the belt so that you can actuate the switch from multiple positions when working.      

For more information about these safety measures, contact a conveyor installations company.