Tips to Care and Maintain Appliances

There is a saying that bad habits will cost you and good habits will save you a lot of money. Check out the following electrical appliance repair tips to maintain and care for your appliances.

You should clean your fridge coils

If your fridge ceases to work during a hot day, then the coils may be the issue. Many people have had issues with the coils. For many fridges, you can find the coils by uninstalling the front grille. You can find a coil-cleaning brush in the supermarket or local store, remove the coil and then clean it.  For some fridges, the coils may be on the back. Pull the fridge and clean. Once you clean the coils, they will cool on their own and save tons of cash on utility costs.  

Avoid many overloads

You may assume you have saved energy, water or time by fitting more clothes and washer. If you overload your clothes into your dryer or washer, they damage the motors. Some of these repairs are costly, and it is better to buy your own things.

You should recalibrate the oven temperature setting

If you notice the temperature of your oven does not work like your old one, you can adjust the temperature of your fridge. You can find information on how to adjust the fridge or just read instructions on your manual. Put a quality thermometer on the centre shelf and wait to see if the temperature remains constant.  Make sure that you follow exactly what the manual says and ensure it reads exactly as the thermometer.

Keep it quiet

Dryers and washers convey vibrations to telegraph noise and floors throughout the house. What you can do is to set feet on rubber pads that have anti-vibration features.

You should keep the dishwasher clean

If your dishwasher does not work as effectively as before, then the problem may be the food-filled filter. If it is clogged, then it means water does not make it through the spray arms to be able to clean your dishes. It will only take you two minutes. What you need to do is to remove the filter cover and lower rack inside your dishwasher. Go through your manual in case you cannot spot the filter.

Next, use a dry or wet vacuum to clean the screen of the machine. In addition, make sure you slide the switch up and down. If it sticks, you can toggle it up and down and clean it using water and a cleansing agent.